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SparseBayes Software

Vector Anomaly has made available a free Matlab®-based implementation of the "sparse Bayesian" predictive modelling algorithm: SparseBayes.

For more technical information on the SparseBayes model and algorithm, please visit the dedicated webpage at

The current SparseBayes release is Version 2.0, and is available as either a Windows-friendly ".zip" or Unix-friendly ".tar.gz" archive package via the below links. The package comprises a library of Matlab® routines to implement the underlying model, a demonstration script and a user manual.

Note that the SparseBayespackage for Matlab® is free software, distributed by Vector Anomaly subject to the GNU Public Licence, version 2. Please see the file "licence.txt" included with the distribution for details.

For information regarding the commercial licensing of a C++ library implementation of SparseBayes, please contact us.

Information Brochure

Vector Anomaly Information Brochure

A web-friendly version of our information brochure (double-sided A4, tri-fold) may be downloaded here:

If you would like to receive a higher-quality printed version via post, feel free to email us your address details.